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hey, i'll be in austin starting this sunday 21st until the 28th for work.

I'll have a hotel provided by my work for the 22-28th but not the 21st.

So if you'd be willing to let me crash for sunday night, that would be awesome of you.

or if you want to hang out.
that would be awesome as well.

let me know.

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Dec 4,5, and 6

the most amazing girl, the sweetest girl, my entire heart, aka, my bestest robyn will be in town and I can't articulate how stoked I am to have my friend with me every day.

I miss Butcher.
I miss most out of state friends.

Which makes me want to live out of state.

I can't seem to meet anyone amazing in this city.

at least I have my job and poker.

I am thankful.   
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Life, just like I assumed, is slowly getting back to normal.

The legal issues are still there but as long as I play it cool, I'll be fine in a year.

My job promotion kicks in next month, finally.
So that means I'll be the cafe manager and banking 31-34K start off.

Which is a decent stepping stone.

Personally not much has changed.

I still ditch out on girls to go play poker.
I still think my standards might be too high.
But when it boils down to it, people are shitty.

and I'd rather avoid the drama that a girl brings.

The new FIFA 07 comes out at the end of this month,
that along with the new huge flat screen HD tv we're getting
will consume so much of my time, I love soccer.

oh, and lately we're obsessed with keeping our fridge in 'cribs' condition.

2008 is going to be off the hook.
lets just get through this year without any more mishaps.

welcome to the dark side !!

The apt finally doesn't smell like rotten dog anymore.

We have most of the new stuff in and it's starting to look really nice.

We're waiting to find the perfect black sabbath & greatful dead posters.

I've been hanging out more lately, which is good. I can't let the stress get to me.


I eat meat now.

I guess.

time to get groceries and cook some dinner!

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I have tons of leaflets, posters, a video if need be, stickers etc etc

perfect for setting up at shows or first friday or just for handing out to various people at school.

I have a huge box full of this shit and I don't have any use for it nor do I plan on keeping it,

please let me know if you want it, I'll drop it off to you if need be.

I just don't want to have to throw it all away.

just please let me know soon.

either call me or reply to this entry, thank you!


does anyone still seriously use AIM or even read LJ anymore?

I mean c'mon, who uses aim as often as they did 2 years ago?

I think I have refined my buddy list to 18 people, and 3 of them were a stretch.

I am so fucking broke right now, it hurts.
In 3 months things will be better but for now, no going out for me.

I need a suga mama.

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All I'm say is that all this patience better pay off.

I found out a particularly awesome girl that I went on a few dates with last year is now getting married.

Most of the girls I've 'talked' to in the past few years have moved on to at least one major relationship and further, finding 'love'.

What does it mean? Nothing really past that I've still remained as patient as always waiting for the proper timing and correct girl, no worries.

I'm still searching for a new car.

I test drove the new RABBIT and I loved it so much, I was close to just taking the car but common sense kicked in, I don't want more payments..I want paid off car! So, soon I'll just buy a car with cash.

Then I can save my money for ICEEs and cheese nips.

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Why do they keep sending me spam mail about latin singles? How the hell do they know I'm latin? I never recieve anything about asian..or black singles!

This is driving me nuts.



I will not date you.
I don't find your sense of 'fashion' appealing.
I do not like attending 435234 shows in a month.
I do not like any of the bands you like and if I do, I still don't care.
I am not another boy you can claim as your 'new love'.
You are more than likely just a novelty or in an awkward hair phase.

So quit hitting on me or begging me to hang out.

I'm just way past all of that.
So stick to your multi-colored hair boys with their matching girl jeans, you'll have much more in common with them, you both can live through the fad together!

moving on,

The past 2 weeks have been awful.
Lots of legal troubles, small stint in jail, my car is a total loss( a 2,500 out of pocket expense ), so much family drama and I keep missing world cup games due to work.

But, none of this will hold me down.
I am super excited about my near future, these are all minor set-backs, and all are things that I can learn&grow from.

No worries, life is great.

Oh, I want a plant for my apt.
thats on the agenda.


I need all of your phone numbers!!!

I posted this on myspace but I might as well do it here.
I got a new phone and I need to add all of your numbers to my contacts list.
I have the same number.

So I'll screen all the comments and if you need my number please say so.

Also, I moved out
and I live with RJ.

So if you want to hang and watch movies, let me know.

July 28th.
Huge poker tournament.
over 100,000 prize pool.

That day may mark a new life for me, a much richer life.

Stay cool and listen to more black sabbath.